Let’s create an SDGs heritage

Antroposervice Sas, Corso di Sotto 49, 63100 Ascoli PIceno, ITALY,, Tel. 39.0736.250818

Project number: 101100007
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Antroposervice Sas - Applicant and Coordinator (Italy):
since its foundation in 2011 main partner in the implementation of the “Festival dei due Parchi”,
based on the concept and organization of cultural and tourism events all year long. The Festival is
aimed at the re-discovery of mountain and rural territories along with their natural and cultural heritage,
through the creative combination of cultural and natural heritage, having implemented successfully since 2011 more than 100
events for all seasons of life. Among others, the “Festival dei due Parchi” and its events are based on raising awareness and
organizing sustainable initiatives aiming to the protection and valorisation of natural eco-systems from anthropogenic
exploitation, to the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity to help people develop a sense of profound respect for
natural eco-systems and their interconnection with human life. Antroposervice staff provides international training activities for
the update of professionals and experts in different fields: environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, adult education, school
education and youth, also designing innovative training modules and programmes for entrepreneurship, employability and
creativity in general through proprietary learning ecosystems based on metaphorical systems withdrawn from the languages of
art and European mythology to reinforce the so-called “life skills” of individuals such as, for instance: creative and critical
thinking, deep and effective communication, interpersonal relationship, empathy and emotions. Since 2015 Antroposervice is in
charge for the management of the 4-years post-graduate school for psychotherapy IPAEMarche ( Also
thanks to this, it can count on a wide roster of international teachers and trainers in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy,
sociology, anthropology, neurology, human sciences and other subjects.
Institute of Greek Philosophy - partner (Greece):
active in study and research of Greek classical Philosophy, through conferences, symposiums and training
courses. It cooperates with internationally renowned professors, academics and experts, and universities,
as well as with other institutions, regional and local authorities, publishing books, studies, albums, as well as audiovisual materials.
It develops philosophy curricula, and training courses, in places where classical Greek philosophy was developed and taught:
Platonos Academy, Aristotle High School, Zinonos’ Vault, in Delphi and in all other parts of Greece. It represents the cornerstone
upon which to base the synergies for instance between SDG n° 4 and SDG n° 13.

Foundation for Landscape Protection - partner (Poland):
Fundacja Ochrony Krajobrazu established in 2016, it is based in Jelenia Góra in the
Lower Silesia region, in the south west of Poland, having as main area of expertise cultural
heritage management. It has participated in projects in the following aspects of cultural heritage management: public
involvement and participation, financing cultural heritage, public-private cooperation, training in cultural heritage, innovative pilot
projects. Since 2016, it has been involved in four EU projects under different Interreg programmes dealing with cultural heritage:
ForHeritage project: Excellence in heritage management in central Europe; RESTAURA: Revitalising cultural heritage through public-
private partnership schemes; KEEP ON: Effective policies for durable and self-sustainable projects in the cultural heritage sector;
BALTIC STORIES. Professionalization of events for culturally embedded and sustainable tourism development of destinations in South
Baltic region. It cooperates with public authorities (incl. cultural institutions), universities, SMEs and entrepreneurs, young persons,
recently joining the Interreg Volunteer Youth programme led by the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).
Espacio Tormaleo S.L. - partner (Spain):
active in developing a singular recovery project for the southwest of Asturias (Spain) through a
unique infrastructure combining leisure, tourism, culture and entrepreneurship to transform Tormaleo
area and the Ibias municipality in a hub for rural economic development, promoting a viable future to a highly degraded territory
due to mining activities in the last decades. The company is working in parallel and supporting the local community and municipality
on a number of initiatives in areas like clean energy transition, social innovation, education & training, sustainable tourism,
entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, etc. The open-pit mining area (200ha.) will receive 50M€ of additional investment through the
Spanish Recovery Plan. It is expected that the restoration of the post-mining area and the creation of Espacio Tormaleo will take
place in parallel, with an expected opening date in Spring 2025. Over 100.000 annual visitors are estimated once the full infrastructure
is fully operative. As a local initiative in a just transition territory, Espacio Tormaleo is working with the local community in the
development of an energy community, making use of brownfields and restored areas of the old open-pit mining area. The company
have also strong connections and links with the municipality and the county representatives at different levels (including the LEADER
local action group), trying to develop viable economic solutions for the area.
Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative - partner (Cyprus):
aims to contribute to sustainable tourism development in Cyprus that conserves the environment,
supports the local economy & promotes local culture. CSTI has developed several projects to
demonstrate the benefits of sustainable tourism to the environment, the society & the economy,
to promote local culture & to develop close links between local suppliers & hoteliers/operators, & also to educate & inform the public
regarding sustainability issues. The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) is a non-profit organization established in 2006 with the
main goal of promoting the development of a sustainable approach to tourism in Cyprus through: -Sensible preservation,
conservation & protection of the environment & the prudent use of natural resources; -Reduction of the impact of our carbon
footprint as a result of all our activities related to tourism -Improvement of the conditions of life in socially & economically marginalised
communities due to tourism -Promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth & regeneration -Research & education.